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English Language Learners (ELL)

For Students Whose Primary Language Is Other Than EnglishTop of Page

To meet the individual needs of our ELL population, students are placed with teachers who are CLAD (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development) certified. CLAD certified teachers are trained to provide English language instruction designed for students whose primary language is other than English. Instructional techniques, assessments, materials and approaches are directed toward communicative competence and academic achievement covering listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

At the beginning of each year, the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) is administered to students in grades K-12 whose Home Language Survey indicates a language other than English is used in the home (EC 52164). This test will determine if an ELLP (English Language Learner Plan) is appropriate. The test measures listening and speaking for grades K-1, and listening, speaking, reading and writing for grades 2-12. The results of this test are used to determine the student's level of English fluency (Beginning, Early Intermediate, Intermediate Early Advanced or Advanced).

With parent input and consultation, ELL students who have developed the English language skills necessary to succeed in an English-only instructional program will be re-designated using specified assessment data results. Annual follow up reviews will be completed to determine if the student is continuing to succeed with an English-only curriculum.  

If you have specific questions regarding our ELL program, please contact the school office. Spanish translation services/materials can be provided.